Kitchen Design

Rustic Kitchen Designs for Country

Rustic kitchen designs – Who does not know him, the good old country cooking “rustic oak”? The original kitchen in the style of the Alps with its characteristic fronts and solid appearance shows the great charm of a German or Austrian farmhouse. Often this involves a high-quality solid wood kitchen. Kitchen appliances, countertops, furniture and other accessories made of natural materials, or can be combined rustic design with country kitchen.

For example, a masonry stove with matching bench a highlight in Germany or Austria in every traditional cozy country kitchen. Why not once in a Dutch kitchen? An attractive sitting area with sofa integrates the dining room into the kitchen and invites you to elaborate meals or conversations. In materials dominate in the rustic kitchen designs traditionally the dark woods where the drawing is still visible. For floor and wall tiles are often used with rural motifs. Homely accessories such as dust decorated curtains and tablecloths and old cast iron bakeware and other kitchen accessories that can be hung, are often found as a decoration in the rustic country kitchen.

This kind of rustic kitchen designs nowadays usually only found used. There are very few traders who offer the Alps Fuego country kitchen. With a bit of skill in terms of decorating and styling, you can also create a second kitchen in a flash to the new rustic centerpiece of your family life.