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Collections of Best Distressed Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Distressed kitchen cabinets have been very popular as one of best kitchen cabinet remodeling ideas with antique and enchanting theme at high value of interesting style. Repainting kitchen cabinets is certainly a simple yet effective way to create brand new look of old kitchen cabinets to become fresher in becoming focal point. Kitchen ideas with distressed cabinets are quite simple and affordable but the results would be very astonishing in featuring much better furniture design at high ranked. You are free to pour creativity in the effort to distress old kitchen cabinets for antique and enchanting appearance at high value of elegance in a very significant way.

DIY Distressed Kitchen Cabinets and Pictures

Distressed black kitchen cabinets have been very cool in becoming one of the latest trends in how to make much more interesting kitchen furniture design based on contemporary themed kitchens. In how to make distressed old kitchen cabinets you could just paint the wooden cabinets which then to be distressed by using sandpaper to create timeworn look. Well, DIY ideas and plans for distressing kitchen cabinets would make sure that you could get the very best results for your own satisfaction. Why do not you check all of the pictures on this very blog’s post about distressed kitchen cabinets that would make sure in giving you fine references in how to make best distressed cabinets for kitchens.

Perhaps you have inherited an antique distressed cabinet from a family member and wood finish look worn. Or maybe painted kitchen cabinets are dirty and chipped from use. You can bring them to life with a new application of color. End result will depend on color, finish and design selected. Take advantage of opportunity to express your creativity when painting kitchen cabinets.

For an ultra-traditional look, paint distressed cabinets in a neutral shade like white or cream. Make a small twist on traditional by incorporating glad gray, soft yellow and subtle greens. For an eclectic look, go all out with a funky pink, juicy orange or bright green. A taste of tropics can be achieved with aqua blue, bright yellow or a green coral. Box painted in sea foam green or light blue will calm you by reminding you of sea. Black makes a striking backdrop for artwork if you plan to paint a design on cabinet doors. If there is trim molding on cabinets, consider painting trim in a contrasting color. Create an interesting display area by removing some of doors and paint inside of closets an accent color.

You can use a variety of designs to customize your cabinets. One of most popular color treatments are distressed look. Paint cabinets in color you want. Since light passes over edges or areas that get a lot of use with sandpaper, grinding enough for wood to show through. It will give cabinets a senior finish. You can also use a crackling effect gives cabinet an antique look.

Subtly incorporate color when you use this technique by applying a bold color on bottom, and then use a neutral as a cream or beige on top. Paint a crackle medium on top, so when it cracks accent color shines through. Satin finish in soft metallic give cupboards a gilded look. If you prefer warmth of wood, paint lockers dark cream and color-wash them with several thin layers of a rich brown glaze..