Great Ways for You and Your Kids to Kill Time Wisely While Waiting in the Dental Office

Having a nice smile is something we all strive for and with dental procedures and orthodontics becoming more affordable these days, it’s something many of us can actually achieve. The hard part is squeezing it into your busy schedule. Whether it is for you, or one of your children, it isn’t always easy to find time for dental offices. Since you usually have to squeeze appointments into your busy days, here are some pointers we have to help make it less time consuming and just another part of your routine.


Take Work With You

This is great for older students who maybe need to miss the morning or afternoon session of classes in order to get an appointment. Have them talk to the teachers before hand and see if they can get the content to take along to the appointment. This way, they can use the waiting time to do school work and cut down on catching up. For adults, you can also take your notebook or tablet and likely work on some emails or something productive. You don’t have to sit there doing nothing!

Have Some Puzzles or Games

If you are going with little kids, always have some type of games with you. They could be anything like small card games to a travel LEGO set. You might even consider making a small travel toy bag for situations just like this. You never know when some good time killing distractions could come in handy.

Take a Book

When all else fails, there is always good old fashioned paperback books. Find something you can finish quickly in a short session or start a new novel, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that it’s interesting to you. The more interesting it is to you, the faster the wait goes and the less time you feel wasted. Reading can even relax you! Regardless of the situation, is that you don’t have to rely on the office subscription magazines filled with celebrity gossip, you can use your wait time to be productive, or simply do something you enjoy. If reading isn’t your thing, there is probably something else you like to do that you wouldn’t mind having a little extra time to do. Why not do it in the dental office waiting room.